Grout & Refinishing

We specialize in:

*Grout and Tile Repair.

*Grout Clear Sealing, Color Sealing

*Shower Repair.

*Grout Cracking, Missing or Stained.

*Moldy Grout.

*Loose tiles.

*Wet walls outside of tub or shower.

*Water marks on the ceiling in the room below.

Refinishing- Don’t Replace, Refinish!

*Chip Repair on Bathtubs

*Bathtub Refinishing

*We specialize in Safeway Step Bathtub Installation

*Make Your existing Kitchen & Bath Countertops

Beautiful look of Granite or

Corian in your kitchen, but without the

high cost and mess of installation?


For a demo or for more information about our services, please contact us at

Toll Free: 1-281-378-9706