Fix Ugly Grout Tile Clean repair seal grout in Houston

Color, texture, light, furnishings – details like these can transform a room, making you feel like a new person whenever you’re in it. 

 Bathroom and kitchen upgrade. Countertop, vanity, cabinet and tiles refinishing. Special services: Termite treatment, mold remediation and house inspection



Bathroom and Kitchen updgrade

We specializing in custom cabinetry, design solutions, and installation services for the entire home. We design, remodel and renovate kitchens, bathrooms and other residential spaces in california.

Countertop, vanity, cabinet and tiles refinishing

We have money-saving solutions for: Ugly outdated colors • Cracked tile  Moldy tile grout • Hard-to-clean surfaces  Leaking shower pans • Unsafe bathing.”

Special Services: Termite treatment, mold remediation and house inspection

We inspect the outside and inside of your house to determite the CAUSE of the mold problem. That's the first and most important question you want answered, "What is causing my mold problem?".

Home Design Center

Are you aware that remodeling your bathroom or kitchen is a proven way to add value to your home ? Replacing outdated cabinets, an unattractive countertop or worn out flooring will give new life to your home.

Please call us to make an in-home appointment or store consultantion.

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We specialize in:

  • Grout and Tile Cleaning and Restoration
  • Grout and Tile Repair and Preservation
  • Grout Clear Sealing, Color Sealing 
  • Loose and Hollow Floor Tile Re-bonding
  • Shower Repair and Restorations
  • Granite, Marble and Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing
  • Anti-Slip Treatment
  • Color Matched Caulking